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AgriWeather develops different tools for the next generation of agriculture. Farmers could make decisions based on near real-time data from their fields; Agricultural experts could diagnose the crop’s health problems by long-term time series field data and farm records; Consumers could check the whole production process through media, which could be a video, a story, or an album telling the truth of food.

How to face climate change?

Facing climate change, farmers’ experience won’t be worked anymore. Therefore, it’s crucial to develop strategies to increase resilience and tolerance of our agricultural production.

AgriWeather Will Help You to Make The Right Decision at The Right Time

With information technology, AgriWeather can not only collect data from the field and do analysis but also connect to specialists and provide critical information to you to make the right decision at the right time on farm management .
Crop Growth Prediction

AgriWeather can forecast your crop growth and help you to manage your field management, labor arrangement, and sales plan.

Farm Health Reports

AgriWeather can provide you with a “ Farm Health Report” every month, which integrates the local weather condition, soil condition, crop growth and farming activities. With these monthly reports, you may come up with a master plan for better farm management or we can help connect you with a bunch of experts to assist your business online

Notification from LINE APP

AgriWeather has a powerful crop database that allows our system to send you some tips timely for better management. For example, you will get a notification from LINE reminding you to shade your field or turn on sprinklers to reduce air temperature while the sensor detects high temperature in the field may cause damage to your plants. More, you can also set up your personal reminders from your precious experience

Customized Problem-Solving Project

Not sure what you can do to cultivate better agricultural products? Join in AgriWeather’s “Customized Problem-solving Project”! You would have a personal consultant to assist you to target the problem, design experiments, collect and analyze the data to improve your farm performance.

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Agri Diary

An user-friendly farm record keeping software developed by AgriWeather.
Easy and friendly

AgriDiary only takes you three steps to make a record: taking a photo, selecting a record type, and typing in the content.

Integrated Analysis

Combined with environmental data, stress alert, and growth-stage prediction, users can get a visualized report with the whole process of cultivation. Further, with these infos, it’s more convenient and time-saving to consult specific questions to agricultural specialists.

Collaborative editing

Multiple users can edit one AgriDiary notebook at the same time. Records will be automatically uploaded and organised by timestamp on the platform .

Image-based recording

The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. Image-based recording can not only save time for farm workers but also provide more information to consumers and researchers.

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