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Better management, Lower risk, Large profit, Great value


Don't have any data from your field? Check our database and toolbox!


Feel dizzy while checking all your data? We can make it much easier than you thought.


Can't find suitable tools on the market? We can make your wishes come true.


Lack of new ideas? Interdisciplinary event can help you to jump out of your comfort zone.


To see is to believe

Understanding your field data is much easier than you think
  • Visualized time series graphs and figures
  • Crop growth standards, alerts and activity suggestions
  • Alert notification service with LINE APP
  • Crop growth simulation and harvest time prediction
  • Monthly farm report for your management + Complete farm record for your customer

One-Stop service for smart agriculture

One stop service from data collection, cloud database, web-based platform, data analysis project to customized software development.
  • Data Collection: AIoT devices, web crawler and agricultural specialists
  • Web-based Platform: Real-time and historical field data, monthly and full growing season reports
  • Record Tool: AgriDiary, an image-based add-on for farm record, takes you only three steps to complete
  • Data Application: Customized data analysis, algorism development, application software  development

Data-driven decision making

Combining traditional field experiences with digital data helps you quickly find adjustments coping with weather changes.
  • rovides standards for crop growth and stress conditions
  • Discovers characters from long-term data for each field
  • Provides tips for better management through crop simulation model
  • Design experiments and develop strategies to meet the best outcome

Connect to experts

Farming is not an individual work anymore. Through data analysis and technological tools, AgriWeather connects the experts to cooperate with you.
  • Agricultural experts in Industry, Government and University transform complex data into understandable information
  • Complete farm records help experts know more about your crops and fields
  • Let the experts diagnose your farm by linking farm health reports in our experts’ system


Agri Weather

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